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Entry into Finland during coronavirus pandemic


Information on the changes that apply to entry to Finland during the Covid-pandemic.

No restrictions on external border traffic as of 1 July

Border checks will return to pre-pandemic procedures. As of 1 July, third-country travellers arriving in Finland will no longer be required to hold vaccination or COVID-19 test certificates, and COVID-19 tests will not be carried out at border crossing points.

Find guidelines for border traffic during pandemic which are valid until 30 June 2022..

All persons arriving in Finland are still bound by the obligations stated in the Communicable Diseases Act as well as the instructions provided by the health authorities. See the guidelines: Travel and the coronavirus pandemic (


Exceptions to opening hours of border crossing points until 30 June 2022

  • At the border crossing point of Niirala the opening hours for passenger traffic are 9.00−20.00 Finnish time.
  • At the border crossing points of Nuijamaa and Vaalimaa the opening hours for passenger traffic are 7.00−21.30 Finnish time. The border crossing point of Imatra is closed for passenger traffic.
  • At the border crossing points of Raja-Jooseppi and Salla the opening hours for passenger traffic are Mon−Fri 8.00−18.00 and Sat−Sun 9.00−17.00 Finnish time.
  • At the border crossing point of Vartius the opening hours are 8.00−19.00 Finnish time.
  • The exceptions to the opening hours do not affect people with an essential and urgent reason for border crossing. See the list of essential reasons.

Citizen helpline on questions solely regarding external border traffic

Call charges to 0295 numbers.

Since the internal border controls have been discontinued, the citizen helpline is meant for infomation regarding traffic to Finland over external borders.

The Finnish Border Guard's citizen helpline is receiving a high number of emails and inquiries and therefore the response time is longer than usual. Please check first the current travel restrictions on our homepage.

If your question concerns a coronavirus infection or your own vaccination, contact a healthcare provider.