This tip-off form is intended for sending non-urgent information to the Finnish Border Guard.
Use this form to report findings related to cross-border crime.

These include

  • human trafficking offences
  • human smuggling offences
  • offences related to illegal entry
  • offences related to border crossing
  • hunting and fishing violations (natural resource offences)
  • environmental offences in marine areas, such as oil and chemical leaks

In case of emergency, call the emergency number 112 or the Maritime Search and Rescue alarm number 0294 1000 at sea.

You cannot use this form to report offences. You can submit a report of an offence electronically on the Police of Finland website.

This tip-off form doesn't meet all the accessibility requirements. You can also notify the Finnish Border Guard's hotline +358 295420001 with an audio, text or multimedia message.

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