The Finnish Border Guard aims to promote equality and non-discrimination both as an employer and as an internal security operator in the society.

Promoting equality and non-discrimination is an ongoing effort.  It requires concrete measures, as well as the assessment and review of the effectiveness of these measures. The aim of the Finnish Border Guard's equality and non-discrimination plan is to ensure the entire organisation's understanding and competence in providing equal and fair treatment to the agency's own staff and customers. Based on the evaluation of the previous plan's goals and measures, it can be stated that there has been a clear positive development in equality and non-discrimination issues. The atmosphere within work units, especially the openness of discussions, has improved. There is a strong desire and need among the staff to enhance their skills.

The Finnish Border Guard's equality and non-discrimination plan for the period 2024–2025 outlines the Border Guard’s measures that will be taken to promote equality and non-discrimination and identify barriers to their realization:

  • Systematically communicate about equality and non-discrimination issues.
  • Continue to balance the gender distribution in military positions.
  • Take into account the requirements of the Language Act and accessibility.
  • Include training concerning harassment, discrimination and inappropriate treatment in orientation programs.
  • Monitor surveys conducted among border crossers and residents in border areas, also when assessing the situation of equality and non-discrimination.
  • Examine the possibilities and conditions for anonymous recruitment to provide employment opportunities for people with partial work capacity.
  • Evaluate the content of guidelines and training for monitoring of foreign citizens. 
  • Enable voluntary military service for women also in the Lapland Border Guard District.
  • Contribute to the updating of the Finnish Defence Forces' general service regulations.