The Finnish Border Guard is a partner in ARESIBO-project (2019-2022) that aims to develop and enhance situation awareness in border surveillance and make the best use of the new capabilities offered by the Augmented Reality technologies. Coordinator of the project is French AIRBUS Defense and Space and the project consortium is a combination of 19 different organisations.

ARESIBO aims to enhance efficiency of border surveillance systems by researching and developing border surveillance on land and maritime borders. The project is focusing on improving the interoperability of networks, interfaces and data. ARESIBO aims at improving the efficiency of the border surveillance systems by providing the operational teams and the tactical command and control level with accurate and comprehensive information. The pillars of the research are augmented communication and sensing, augmented reality and augmented intelligence. The output of the project will be technical solution, a border security system operating both at operational & tactical layer, that will provide to the field/control center operators enhanced situation awareness.

The work of project is divided to nine work packages (WP). The Finnish Border Guard is a leader of WP2 in which the overall user requirements of the ARESIBO system are identified. In addition to WP2, the Finnish Border Guard participates to WP1 (project management) and WP7 in which the system developed in the project will be tested and assessed under real conditions.

The project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The overall budget of the project is 6,9 MEUR (100 % covered by the EU funding) from which the share of the Finnish Border Guard is 400 252,50 EUR.

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Contact details for the Finnish Border Guard:

Border and Coast Guard Academy

Head of Research D.Sc. Sari Lindblom

[email protected]