The West Finland Coast Guard District’s operating area includes 1,080 kilometres of territorial water border and 48 kilometres of land border. The operating area covers the entire Finnish coast and its exclusive economic zone as well as the Åland Islands – excluding the Gulf of Finland. All border crossing points in the area are also within the scope of the Coast Guard District’s operating area.

The Western Finland Coast Guard District is responsible for the following activities in its operating area: border control, border checks, sea rescue, and the prevention of environmental damage in the open sea. In cooperation with other authorities, the West Finland Coast Guard District also participates in monitoring traffic at sea, combating cross-border crime, combating environmental crime, emergency medical transport, maintaining public order and safety, and supervision of fishing and hunting.

The Headquarters of the West Finland Coast Guard District is located near the Port of Turku. The Coast Guard District’s Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC Turku) is also situated in conjunction with the headquarters.

The West Finland Coast Guard District has 10 coast guard stations: Nauvo, Hiittinen, Susiluoto, Pori, Rauma, Vallgrund, Kokkola, Virpiniemi, Ahvenanmaa and Kökar, as well as two patrol vessels: VL Uisko and VL Tursas