The focal points of research done by the Finnish Border Guard are:

  • border security
  • maritime operational environment
  • performance capacity

We define research entities in the research programme that follows the Finnish Border Guard’s strategy for 2018-2027.

Find out more about the programme: Research Programme 2027 (pdf)

External funding for research, development and innovation projects

The Finnish Border Guard manages and participates in several research, development and innovation projects (RDI projects). We use funding from outside the State budget for projects that meet the Finnish Border Guard’s operational and research needs and its strategic goals. The goals are derived from the Strategy of the Finnish Border Guard, which governs the selection of RDI projects.

The emphasis in development projects is placed on opportunities to use new innovations and technologies in Finnish Border Guard assignments on land, at sea and in the air. These include robotics, artificial intelligence, unmanned and autonomic sensor platforms as well as new techniques and methods for combating environmental accidents at sea.

After an RDI project ends, its results are linked to operational work, teaching and back to the strategy work. We continuously assess the impacts of projects and need for further development in our development activities.