The Border Guard District mainly operates in the area of municipalities located on the border: Kitee, Tohmajärvi, Joensuu, Ilomantsi and Lieksa. 

The North Karelia Border Guard District’s operating area comprises areas in the regions of North Karelia and North Savo. It also includes one emergency response centre area and the police department areas of Eastern Finland. The Border Guard District has responsibility for monitoring 304 kilometres of border, nearly 90 kilometres of which are water. The water section of the border includes larger bodies of water and streams. 

The monitored border section stretches from the boundary between the regions of Southern Finland and Eastern Finland to the northern boundary of the city of Lieksa. The easternmost point of Finland and the mainland European Union – an island in Lake Virmajärvi in the municipality of Ilomantsi – is located in an area supervised by the Border Guard District.

The Hiienvaara firing range used by the North Karelia Border Guard District is located in the municipality of Ilomantsi. Movement in the firing range is restricted during exercises. 


The North Karelia Border Guard District is led by a commander, under whom operate the headquarters led by the deputy commander, the border guard stations and border crossing point led by the respective chiefs of the stations, and the Border Jaegar Company. There are three border guard stations: Tohmajärvi, Ilomantsi and Lieksa. Niirala Border Crossing Point is responsible for border checks at the Niirala border crossing point.


The Headquarters assists the Commander in the management and administration of the Border Guard District, handles planning and command in accordance with decisions, and supervises and supports the units in their activities. The Headquarters of the Border Guard District keeps the Finnish Border Guard Headquarters aware of the border situation and maintains contact with other authorities and communities in its operating area. Under the direction of the deputy commander, the Headquarters consists of a personnel unit, operational border office and command centre.

The Operational Border Office is responsible for operative matters and carries out statutory tasks – border surveillance, border checks, rescue operations and military defence as well as international cooperation.

The Personnel Unit is responsible for support activities related to matters concerning personnel and conscripts as well as communication.

The Command Centre is responsible for managing the operative field activities of the Border Guard District.

Border Jaegar Company

The Border Jaegar Company provides military training to conscripts completing their military service and, if necessary, participates in other statutory tasks of the Finnish Border Guard. The company is led by the commander of the Border Jaegar Company, who is responsible for the unit’s training, preparedness and administration.

Border guard stations

In accordance with the principles approved by the commander and Headquarters, border guard stations are also responsible for activities at the local level.