The strategy of the Finnish Border Guard until 2027

Our Strategy 2027 sets the following operational goals:

Border security

Border control at the external borders of Finland is effective and credible. The Finnish Border Guard strengthens the security of Finland, and prevents security threats directed at Finland and Europe at the external borders. Border traffic is safe and efficient. Crime prevention makes a great impact. The Finnish Border Guard increases people’s safety in the border area and the islands.

Safety at sea

The Finnish maritime search and rescue (SAR) system is reliable. The Finnish Border Guard has immediate readiness for management and operation during maritime incidents. The Finnish Border Guard promotes the protection of the maritime environment.

Territorial integrity and defence readiness

The Finnish Border Guard possesses excellent operating capacity for securing society during all states of disruption and emergency. The Finnish Border Guard is fully prepared to secure territorial integrity and to defend the nation.

Read the entire strategy: The strategy of the Finnish Border Guard until 2027 (pdf).