The Border Guard is committed to fight corruption and to promote transparency and fairness. The Border Guard affirms that:

  • our leadership is committed to fighting corruption;
  • the Border Guard does not accept any corruption from its employees or from its partners; and 
  • the Border Guard instructs its staff to act correctly in the event of a risk and to report suspicious behaviour.

In order to combat corruption, the Border Guard also takes into account different risks of corruption in internal control. 

The Border Guard’s ethical rules established in 2020 and their compliance provide a basis for the Border Guard’s anti-corruption activities. Our aim is that every Border Guard official 

  • knows that the anti-corruption program exists and understands its objectives;
  • knows the concept of corruption and the main measures to combat corruption;
  • knows what is expected of them if they meet or detect attempts of corruption or attempts of unduly influence on decision-making or on the processes of authorities;
  • and is able to identify potential conflict of interest situations. 

Our operational anti-corruption program was approved on 13 October 2023. It contains a more detailed description of our measures to combat corruption and their follow-up. Familiarise with the programme: 

Operational Program for the Development of the Border Guard’s Anti-Corruption Activities During 2023–2025 (PDF)

More information on anti-corruption activities on the Ministry of Justice's website and