How to apply for a research permit 

For example, you need to apply for a research permit in the following cases: 

  • Survey and interview research 
  • A search for data performed by the Finnish Border Guard 
  • Providing a researcher with access to non-public material 

The research permit application is free-form. However, it must include at least the following information:  

  • applicant’s name and contact details 
  • organisation that commissioned the research 
  • the topic of the research 
  • research question(s) 
  • research method(s) 
  • author(s) of the research 
  • the person responsible for the research and their contact details 
  • research schedule 
  • need for funding from the Finnish Border Guard 
  • managing data security (processing of material) 

Send your research permit application to the Head of Research at the official e-mail address of the Border and Coast Guard Academy’s Research Unit: tutkimus.rmvk(at) 

Research permits are granted by the Director of the Border and Coast Guard Academy based on a proposal from the Finnish Border Guard’s Head of Research. For more information about research permits: tutkimus.rmvk(at)