Finland offers protection

Finland offers protection to Ukrainian people and families who are fleeing war or persecution. The authorities are flexible to the citizens of EU and Schengen countries who are in transit when exiting Russia and to other people in emergency.

The Finnish Border Guard ensures border security in all circumstances

The Finnish Border Guard ensures border security in all circumstances. We follow closely our area of responsibility as well as situations affecting border security with other authorities. We regulate our preparedness according to the situations and we are prepared for disruptions.

In all work of the Finnish Border Guard basic and human rights are always respected.

Contact the authorities if you arrive via EU and Schengen countries

There is no border control in the traffic between Schengen countries and free movement is in force.

Those in need of international protection are advised to contact the authorities immediately or as quickly as possible after arriving in Finland.

The Finnish Immigration Service has given guidelines for those who help people fleeing war or persecution. People offering help are recommended to familiarize with the guidelines on the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.

The Finnish Border Guard does not take a stand on the travel document requirements that transport companies or carriers may have.

Valid travel documents are required from those arriving via the external border. Visa is required based on nationality. Visa can be issued at the border only in urgent situations evaluated individually.

The Finnish Border Guard is in charge of border check at Finland’s external borders. The Finnish Border Guard also receives asylum applications at Finland’s external borders. 


Information for Ukrainian citizens on staying or applying for an asylum in Finland

Finnish Immigration Service (

Police (

  • Supervision of foreign nationals. Information on supervision of foreign nationals by the Police. The Police is in charge of receiving the asylum applications and registering the applicants at the internal borders. 

Ministry of the Interior (

Working in Finland (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland)

As a foreign employee in Finland (Occupational Safety and Health Administration in Finland)

National Assistance system for victims of human trafficking

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