Pleasure craft sailing between Finland and a country not part of the Schengen Agreement (in the Baltic Sea: Russia) must always visit a passport control point and make a customs declaration. When entering Finland, such vessels may not, while in Finland’s territorial waters, leave the public fairway, allow anyone to leave the vessel or unload any goods before the passport check and customs declaration have been carried out. Likewise, after the exit check, vessels must while in Finland’s territorial waters take the shortest route along a public fairway without departing from it.

Border checks and customs declarations

Border checks are carried out at the border crossing point at the customs quay in Nuijamaa. Customs declarations can be made at the above-mentioned location or at the nearest Customs office. Border control authorities are also entitled to carry out checks elsewhere in Finnish territorial waters.

At the border check all persons on board must present travel documents authorising the holder to enter or exit the country and, where necessary, a visa. The master of a vessel entering the country must submit to the passport control officer a crew list which includes the personal data of the crew members and passengers.

Transit through the Saimaa Canal does not require a visa. A visa is required when calling at Viipuri.

Passport control at Nuijamaa operates 24 hours a day. The point is marked on nautical charts and signposted in fairways with PASSPORT CONTROL. The VHF radio telephone must be tuned to channel 11 at all times.

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