The Finnish Border Guard is a part of the European Border and Coast Guard, which consists of the member states’ national authorities responsible for border control and return activities, as well as Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency. The Finnish Border Guard participates with its personnel and equipment to the European Border and Coast Guard standing corps, coordinated by Frontex. 

Collaboration with the authorities in Finland’s neighbouring countries helps to maintain stability in border and sea areas, prevent illegal immigration into Finland and other cross-border crime, maintain situational awareness, ensure efficient border crossings and maintain the readiness to cooperate in the event of maritime accidents. Designated Border Delegates handle border-related matters with the Russian Border Guard Service. The Finnish Border Guard also works with the authorities in Estonia, Sweden and Norway.  

Regional cooperation in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic Region are key aspects of multilateral border and maritime safety collaboration. 

Finland holds the chairmanship of the Baltic Sea Region Border Control Cooperation in 2024

Baltic Sea Region Border Control Cooperation (BSRBCC) is a cooperation forum established in 1997, and in 2024 Finland is holding the chairmanship for the fourth time. Led by the Finnish Border Guard, the objective during the chairmanship is to strengthen operational cooperation among border and coast guard authorities in the Baltic Sea region and support Finland's presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS), led by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.