Offshore Patrol Vessel 2025 project

Finland’s security environment has changed fundamentally. The risks in the Finnish Border Guard’s operating environment have increased. The Finnish Border Guard is preparing to manage disturbances in border security and maritime accidents and monitors the territorial integrity of Finland. The Finnish Border Guard has estimated that updating the ageing fleet is no longer enough, but old vessels must be replaced with new multi-purpose vessels. The Finnish Border Guard will replace three obsolete patrol vessels with two new Turva class patrol vessels. With the new vessels, capabilities are increased to the level required by the duties and operating environment of the Finnish Border Guard. We also use our vessels to support the important work of many other authorities at sea and in the archipelago. 

One of the busiest marine areas in the world requires rapid functional capacity and continuous readiness to keep people, property and nature safe. With effective and modern ships, we can better guarantee the safety of our borders and ensure that even dangerous special situations can be dealt with efficiently.  

The Baltic Sea is exceptionally vulnerable to environmental accidents. The Finnish archipelago and coasts are invaluable in terms of their nature values. If a large amount of oil or chemicals enters the sea due to a vessel accident, the damage may be irreversible. Damage to our shores can only be prevented by rapid maritime response capability. The new multi-purpose vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art oil and chemical spill response systems and high collection capacity.

Our new patrol vessels are multi-purpose vessels that have the capacity for border control, maritime rescue, the surveillance and protection of Finland’s territorial integrity, mass evacuations, marine pollution response, international operations and the management of certain dangerous special situations. The vessels will serve as command bases for other vessels, helicopters, rescue swimmers, divers and, when necessary, other public security authorities during joint operations. The vessels are designed to meet higher emissions standards and to be energy efficient.  Multi-purpose vessels are a practical, functional and cost-effective solution.

The Finnish Border Guard arranged a competitive tendering in spring 2021, which was won by Meyer Turku Oy. The planning of the vessels commenced already in 2020, and the construction contract was concluded in June 2022. The parliament granted an order authorization of 448 million euros to the procurement of the vessels. In addition, funding will be applied for from the European Union’s Border Management and Visa Instrument.

The construction of these new vessels has now commenced, and the first vessel is estimated to be finished in 2025. The second vessel will be finished a year after this, in other words, during 2026. These new vessels shall be in active use till 2050s.