Take a letter of consent with you

Take your travel document and a letter of consent stating that you have permission to travel alone or with a person other than your parents or legal guardians. We recommend writing a letter of consent even though Finnish national legislation does not require a child to have special documentation showing that the guardians have consented the trip.

The letter of consent can be free-form, and your guardians can prepare it themselves. The document should contain the details of the underage person, information about the trip, and the contact details and signatures of the guardians.

Check the travel requirements of the destination country and the airline or other transport provider

If you are travelling abroad from Finland, you or your guardians should also check with the authorities in the destination country to determine which requirements apply to underage travellers. 

We recommend checking the travel requirements of your airline or other transport provider before you depart. For example, many airlines require underage passengers to have an official travel permit. Airlines have their own forms for this purpose.