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The multirole aircraft program of the Finnish Border Guard proceeds

Publication date 20.4.2023 13.46 | Published in English on 2.5.2023 at 10.27
Press release
Monitoimilentokone edestä päin

The MVX program proceeds to Intermediate RFQ stage

The Finnish Border Guard is aiming at replacing two Dornier 228 surveillance aircraft with two multirole aircraft during 2026-2027.

The Finnish Border Guard replacement program is known as the MVX program, whose mission is to replace the outdated turbo props with jet aircraft. The program has advanced to the Intermediate RFQ phase in which the request for quotation is being updated, proposed aircraft and sensors are evaluated and contract terms are negotiated with the prime candidates.

The acquisition of new multirole aircraft aims for the following improvements in the performance of existing aircraft:

  • a significant improvement in operating time and thus, coverage of wider areas as well as stronger long-term operational capacity in marine pollution response tasks,
  • more efficient technical sensors,
  • increased transport capacity and
  • use of the latest technology and more sophisticated technical systems, including real-time, encrypted data transfers.

The new multirole aircraft, which are more efficient, will significantly improve Finland's border security and the monitoring of territorial integrity.

The Finnish Border Guard invited nine prime candidates to take part in the tender process. Four prime candidates out of the tenders received within the deadline have been selected to continue in the procurement process. The selected candidates demonstrated well compliant solutions both regarding the aircraft and surveillance systems. The next stage includes the practical evaluation of the proposed entities. The first round of negotiations will be held during Summer 2023 and, if required, further rounds will be held in the Fall.

The Finnish Border Guard aims at signing a procurement contract by the end of 2023. The intent is for the new aircraft to enter operational service during 2026-2027.

The prime candidates selected to the Intermediate RFQ phase:

  • Field Aerospace
  • L3Harris Technologies
  • Sierra Nevada Corporation
  • ST Airborne Systems

The primes are proposing the following aircraft types:

  • Bombardier Challenger 650
  • Dassault Falcon 2000LXS
  • Cessna Citation Longitude

The aircraft offered by the suppliers are Bombardier Challenger 650, Dassault Falcon 2000LXS and Cessna Citation Longitude.

Further information is given by Ari Laaksonen, head of the unit, tel. 0295 420 000 (switch).



Finnish Border Guard MVX project Raja – press release