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The Finnish Border Guard’s annual report 2023 is published

Publication date 24.5.2024 14.39
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Kaksi henkilöä asentaa letku laivan kannelle öljyntorjuntaa varten.

In late 2023, the Finnish Border Guard encountered severe disturbances in border security, and the situation still prevails. We need to prepare ourselves for a rapidly worsening situation.

In order to manage the abnormal situation, the Finnish Border Guard has drawn on new powers and capacities that have been enacted and developed in recent years. These include, for example, improved capacity for crowd control and better tools for maintaining situational awareness. Assistance provided by other security authorities has been indispensable.

Throughout the year, the Finnish Border Guard used its overall resources in a flexible manner, allocating them in accordance with the current situation and demand.

Citizens’ trust is the foundation for activities

During this exceptional year, the personnel of the Finnish Border Guard have, once again, shown their professional skills, reliability and ability to cooperate.

In recent years the Finnish Border Guard has excelled in surveys that measure the reputation of and trust in authorities. In the Luottamus&Maine (Reputation&Trust) survey conducted by T-Media, the Finnish Border Guard was ranked, for the third successive year, as the most trusted public-sector organisation, sharing the top position with the Emergency Response Centre Agency.

Citizens experience that the Finnish Border Guard is working in their best interests. Reputation and trust must, however, be earned again every day. This is a challenge that will encourage us to keep moving forward.

Read the full report here: Finnish Border Guard's annual report 2023

Annual report in PDF format


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