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Strategy of the Finnish Border Guard 2030 has been published

Publication date 20.6.2024 16.57 | Published in English on 3.7.2024 at 13.56
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Safety and security in all circumstances – Strategy of the Finnish Border Guard 2030.

The fundamental change in the international and Finnish security environment, along with continuous and accelerating technological development, have also had a significant and long-term impact on the operating environment of the Finnish Border Guard.

In its strategic process, the Finnish Border Guard has addressed the impact of these developments on its role and tasks and has published a new strategy:

Safety and security in all circumstances – Strategy of the Finnish Border Guard 2030

Cornerstones of the Finnish Border Guard include the competent staff who thrive in their work and are committed to the Finnish Border Guard values, the military organisation, up-to-date statutes and treaties, close international cooperation as well as advanced technology and information management. In addition to these, the implementation of the strategy is enabled by securing sufficient resources for the Finnish Border Guard.

The strategy reviews, among other things, the impact of changes in the operating environment on the goals and strategic directions of the Finnish Border Guard's operations and the requirements these set for the various functions of the Finnish Border Guard. 

The strategy also presents means to manage the challenges arising from the operating environment and to strengthen the security of citizens.

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