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Construction of the eastern border barrier fence proceeds – welcome to the media event on 26 October 2023

Publication date 17.10.2023 8.55
Press release

Invitation for media.

Dear media representative, we would like to warmly welcome you to the media event of the eastern border barrier fence, arranged by the Finnish Border Guard. The event is held in Pelkola border guard station and the border zone (Vartiontie 13, 55610 Imatra), on Thursday 26 October 2023, from 12.00 to 14.30.

Earlier on the said day, a similar media event is arranged for the domestic media.  

Participation in the event requires prior registration

The event is held in the border zone. Thus, a prior registration is required in order to be able to participate in the event. Register to the event by sending the name of the media, name of the participant/participants and their date of birth to [email protected] on Tuesday 24 October at 15.00, at the latest. Please, bring your identity document with you.

It is not possible to participate in the event if you have not registered for it within the said deadline or if your registration does not contain all the relevant information. It is not possible to participate remotely in the event.

Time has been reserved for questions during the event. Interviews may be carried out during the visit to the barrier fence. When registering for the event, please let us know, if there is a certain person whom you would like to interview and on which topic. 

The event includes a visit to the barrier fence on the border zone. It is possible to take photographs and film there. Participants travel from Pelkola border guard station to the said location using their own cars. Please, wear an outfit suitable for terrain.

Arrival to the event

We kindly ask those who have registered for the event to arrive in Pelkola (Vartiontie 13, 55610 Imatra) on 26 October 2023 at 12.00, at the latest. Please note that participation in the event requires that you have registered for the event within the deadline. We will verify your identity upon your arrival to the station.


The event is hosted by the Deputy Commander of the Southeast Finland Border Guard District, Jukka Lukkari. Project Manager for the eastern border barrier fence, Ismo Kurki, and the Deputy Chief of the Pelkola border guard station, Lieutenant Topi Rajavuori, are also present.

A press release of the event’s content will be sent for the media during the media day. The same press release will be given for the media representatives at the event.

Programme of the event:

11.45 Arrival to Pelkola (Vartiontie 13, 55610 Imatra)

12.00 The media event commences. 

12.10–12.30 Transport to the border zone. 

12.30–13.00 Experiences from the pilot are presented, as well as the schedule for the PRIO 1 stage and experiences of the fence

13.00–14.00 A visit to the barrier fence and interviews in the terrain. It is possible to take photographs and film.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Jukka Lukkari
  • Project Manager Ismo Kurki
  • Lieutenant Topi Rajavuori 

14.00–14.15 Transport back to the border control station and end of the event.

Further information

In their fourth supplementary budget for 2022, the parliament granted the Finnish Border Guard a funding of 6 million euros for the pilot project of the barrier fence. In addition, in the budget for 2023, the parliament granted the Finnish Border Guard a funding of 139 million euros for implementation of the primary targets of the barrier fence, in other words, the PRIO 1 targets. In practice, these are the border crossing points and the areas nearby. The Finnish Border Guard has established a project to execute the construction of the barrier fence.

The Finnish Border Guard is present on the eastern border in all circumstances, every day of the year. We are responsible for the border surveillance, border controls, control and protection of Finland's territorial integrity in addition to numerous other tasks in the border area. We also support other authorities in their work in the border area.

The pilot stage of the eastern border barrier fence project was completed during the summer 2023. During the pilot stage, a 2.8 kilometres long barrier fence was built in Pelkola and, a practice fence of 300 metres in Immola garrison. In addition, a plan for implementation of PRIO 1 stage was drawn up. Implementation of PRIO 1 stage has commenced with procurement of acquisitions. The construction of the first target areas will commence in winter 2024. At present, testing of alternative ways for crossing wetlands is underway in Salla.

Further information on the project can be found on our web page: 

Further information on the event is given by: The eastern border barrier fence | The Finnish Border Guard (

Enni Matikainen, Communication Planner at Southeast Finland Border Guard District, tel. +358 295 422 061, [email protected].

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