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The construction of a pilot of the eastern border barrier fence has begun in Imatra

Publication date 28.2.2023 12.04
Press release

The Finnish Border Guard will hold a media event on the barrier fence project in Pelkola on 14 April 2023. At the event, participants have the opportunity to visit the construction site of the barrier fence.

At the end of 2022, the Finnish Border Guard launched the implementation of the eastern border barrier fence project. The project has been granted funding for both the pilot phase and the implementation of the most important target areas. In Pelkola, the construction of a pilot fence of approximately three kilometres has started on both sides of the Imatra border crossing point. Work on the terrain begins on 28 February 2023 with forest clearance and will proceed in such a way that road construction and fence installation can be started in March, followed by the construction of a technical surveillance system. The pilot is expected to be completed by the end of June.

In addition to Pelkola, a barrier fence of approximately 300 metres will be built in the Immola garrison area during the pilot phase. It will become part of the training environment of the Border and Coast Guard Academy and also serve as a test area for surveillance technology.

Planning for key target areas is under way

The Finnish Border Guard is simultaneously preparing an implementation plan for the most important target areas, the construction of which will take place between 2023 and 2025. These target areas are border crossing points with their surrounding areas and other areas classified as important. The funding granted will be used to plan and build a barrier fence of approximately 70 kilometres. 55 kilometres of this are planned for Southeast Finland, seven kilometres for North Karelia and five kilometres for both Kainuu and Lapland. 

Compensation to landowners for permanent harm

During the planning phase of the pilot launched in Pelkola, communication has been maintained with landowners in the area. Discussions have been held with them on the implementation and progress of the project, and they were consulted before the construction decision was made. The Finnish Border Guard will pay a lump sum to the landowners for permanent damage and harm caused by the construction of the barrier fence after the completion of the construction. The compensation is planned to be determined with the sum-value method plus five percent. Interest on arrears is planned to be paid on the compensation from the start of the harm to the decision on the compensation. The landowners will be consulted before the compensation decision is made. The tax authority has issued instructions on the taxation of the compensation.

A road will also be built

A road for the movement and maintenance of border patrols will be built next to the fence under construction. A gap will be cleared next to the road to enable technical surveillance and minimise tree damage. The width of the gap will be approximately 10 metres. Gates have been designed for the fence not only at border crossing points but also at the land border to enable the movement of both border patrols and animals. Lighting and speakers will be installed in the most important target areas. An environmental report has been commissioned with regard to the fence, the aim being to cause as little harm as possible to nature. The ELY Centre for Southeast Finland will decide whether it is necessary to carry out an actual environmental impact assessment regarding the barrier fence.

Media event in Pelkola

The Finnish Border Guard will hold a media day on 14 April 2023 at the Pelkola border guard station, which will provide more information on the start of construction and the progress of the project. The media can participate in the event through a separate invitation and registration. At the event, participants can also visit the barrier fence construction site in Pelkola.

For further information, contact Project Manager Ismo Kurki, e-mail: ismo.kurki(at), telephone: +358 (0)295 420 411.

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