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Border Guard base for patrol vessels and fighting maritime environmental damage to be established at Lappohja

Publication date 4.7.2022 14.43 | Published in English on 6.7.2022 at 9.44
Press release

The Finnish Border Guard is set to establish a base at Lappohja to centralise support for patrol vessels.

The Border Guard has signed a lease agreement on the Lappohja harbour’s structures and facilities. These include the pier as well as the support and storage facilities. The Lappohja harbour will be the base of the Finnish Border Guard’s three patrol vessels. Concurrently, a facility for combating environmental damage will be established at Hankoniemi, which will improve the Border Guard’s capability for environmental damage prevention missions. Permanent basing conditions for boat patrols will also be established at Lappohja. At the same time, the Border Guard will stop using the Pansio base. The sea training activities for the Border and Coast Guard Academy will transfer from Pansio, in Turku, to the Nauvo Coast Guard Station.

Patrol vessels will be rebased to Lappohja in early 2023. Sea training at Nauvo Coast Guard Station will begin in spring 2023. 

The Lappohja base will improve the Border Guard’s capability and preparedness for maritime missions in an area that is central to its operations.

Finnish Border Guard Raja – press release