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The Finnish Border Guard’s annual report 2022 is published

Publication date 4.5.2023 12.25
News item

In 2022, the Russian attack on Ukraine changed our security environment fundamentally and for the long term. The turn of events affected the Finnish Border Guard’s activities across the board from border management and maritime security to military national defence. Our ability to encounter this profound change was facilitated by the fact that we had prepared for such scenarios in a determined and systematic manner.

Substantial investments were made in developing our operational capabilities and our strategic projects are advancing on schedule. The ability of various authorities to collaborate in abnormal situations was developed in many ways in 2022.

Reliable, professional and cooperative

Our values, guiding the activities of the Finnish Border Guard, were successfully conveyed to citizens in the past year, as shown by recent surveys. In the Luottamus&Maine (Reputation&Trust) 2022 survey conducted by T-Media, the Finnish Border Guard was the most trusted organisation in the public sector in Finland.

The results of our latest personnel survey show that leadership, supervisory work, interaction and communication are the strengths of the Finnish Border Guard. The members of our personnel find their work important and know the objectives of their work.

Read the full report here: Annual Report from The Finnish Border Guard 2022 (PDF)


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