Peace, justice and strong institutions

Citizens’ trust in the Finnish Border Guard has been strengthened through up-to-date multi-channel communication that reacts to societal changes in a timely manner. The Finnish Border Guard’s communications have supported not only the implementation of the agency’s strategic goals but also the transparency of the operations.

Accessibility is constantly monitored during the technical implementation and development of the website and Rajamedia. This enables using of the sites with assistive technologies. Based on an accessibility survey conducted in 2022, more diverse content was developed for the website in Northern Sámi to ensure equal access to information. The technical and, in part, cognitive accessibility of the website and Rajamedia are regularly monitored using a separate tool.

The experts who produce online content have been provided regular training in the creation of accessible materials. Personnel were also trained in the accessibility of documents in 2023. The development of social media platforms has been monitored, and preparations have been made for possible changes, including a trial of the Threads platform in 2023.

The Finnish Border Guard has strived to establish accessibility as a mindset that permeates all its functions. The Border Guard conducted a survey for residents in sparsely populated areas to explore their experiences of matters such as the availability of the Border Guard’s services and communication to determine whether they receive sufficient advice and information about the Border Guard’s services and operations in their native language (Finnish, Swedish or Sámi). The average score for the questions measuring the above matters increased overall (2023: 3.7; 2022: 3.5).

The effective and credible monitoring of the legality and appropriateness of operations promotes good operational quality and good governance. Internal control has been implemented by the Headquarters of the Finnish Border Guard and administrative units. The internal control order was updated. The monitoring and reporting of internal control was developed. The Finnish Border Guard’s internal audit unit began its operations.

On 1 April 2023, the Finnish Border Guard introduced a whistleblower channel, enabling Border Guard personnel to report suspected misconduct observed in their work and any errors and omissions that may have occurred in the Border Guard’s operations. Reports can be submitted anonymously. The whistleblower channel is also the internal reporting channel as referred to in chapter 3 of the Act on the Protection of Individuals Reporting Violations of European Union and National Law (Laki Euroopan unionin ja kansallisen oikeuden rikkomisesta ilmoittavien henkilöiden suojelusta 1171/2022).

On 13 October 2023, the chief of the Finnish Border Guard made a commitment to prevent corruption. According to the commitment, the Finnish Border Guard undertakes to resist corruption and promote transparency and fairness in its operations. An operational programme to develop the Finnish Border Guard’s anti-corruption activities from 2023 to 2025 was also confirmed.

Tom Hanén of the Finnish Border Guard and Taito Vainio of the Emergency Response Centre Agency received the awards for the most trusted public-sector organisations.