Health and well-being

The Finnish Border Guard has developed the organisation’s working capacity management competencies and provided training on the working capacity support model on its various official career courses and at separate training events for the personnel, HR management and supervisors. Introduced in 2022, the Border Guard’s working capacity support model aims for systematic management of working capacity, emphasising preventive measures, the earliest possible response and timely support measures.

Interaction between the occupational health care service provider and the employer was improved by updating the Border Guard’s occupational health care and occupational health cooperation guidance documents in 2023. Systematic occupational health care cooperation was carried out in line with the developed procedures at all levels of the organisation.

In 2023, the Finnish Border Guard prepared its equality and non-discrimination plan for 2024–2025, evaluating the implementation of the previous plan and specifying new measures. There has been clear positive development in the fields of equality and non-discrimination.

The development of the TURVA system for safety observations continued in 2023 in line with the updated guidance. In 2023, the Border Guard adopted an internal regulation on occupational and public service safety that sets out objectives and responsibilities. In addition, an updated guideline on the identification of harmful and hazardous factors and work risk assessment was adopted.

The Border Guard has continued to prepare and implement its three main real estate projects. As a result of the development programme, the Border Guard will have functional, safe, healthy and economical facilities for its personnel.