Responsible consumption

In its operations, the Border Guard complies with environmental protection legislation and international treaties. A regulation on the Finnish Border Guard’s environmental management was adopted on 1 March 2022. It specifies the Border Guard’s environmental management duties, organisations and procedures.  The organisation is operating in accordance with the regulation.

In 2022, the Border Guard began assessing the environmental risks of its existing facilities and facilities it has handed over but for which it still bears the environmental responsibility. The assessment of the environmental risks is still underway. Work on the assessment continued in 2023. As part of the assessment, the Border Guard’s vehicle, boat and helicopter refuelling sites underwent a compliance audit in 2022 and 2023. Based on the results, a project was set up to prepare a refuelling site repair and modernisation plan in 2024. Its implementation will be included in operational and financial planning going forward.

The opportunities for recycling waste were examined in collaboration with the lessor of each site. In addition, the recycling rate will be improved in connection with barracks construction projects and other property development projects.

To support sustainable development solutions in procurement and framework agreements, suppliers bidding for any significant and applicable procurement processes are required to have an ISO 14001 environmental management system, perform an energy-efficiency review (including alternative fuel solutions), and practice social responsibility in terms of occupational safety, working conditions and compliance with terms of employment