Territorial integrity and defence readiness

The Finnish Border Guard contributes actively to our national defence in close collaboration with the Finnish Defence Forces. Border surveillance on the land and sea borders supports the monitoring of Finland’s territorial integrity.

The Finnish Border Guard trains conscripts in reconnaissance and guerrilla actions in the Border Jaeger Companies in Onttola (North Karelia Border Guard District) and Ivalo (Lapland Border Guard District). Special Border Jaeger training is provided at the Border and Coast Guard Academy in Imatra.

The number of training days increased

The Finnish Border Guard monitors Finland’s territorial integrity constantly. It has an immediate capability to safeguard territorial integrity and to carry out national defence. In 2023, the Finnish Border Guard continued developing its preparedness in terms of planning, command, operations and readiness to establish military troops. Alliance membership was taken into consideration in the development of the Finnish Border Guard’s capabilities for military national defence, in close collaboration with the Defence Forces. 

The number of training days for conscripts grew moderately from the previous year. Training days for reservists and personnel were further increased significantly in 2023. Training and exercises were combined to form larger training entities, thus reducing the number of separate exercises and training events. By doing so, it was possible to reduce work related to the preparation, administration and closing of exercises. The productivity and economic efficiency in the area of territorial integrity and defence readiness was further improved as a result of the continued development of operational capabilities.

Refresher and voluntary exercises are crucial in terms of training both reservists and personnel to handle their tasks during crises. The training is structured with an upward approach, advancing from individual skills to troop exercises in realistic and relevant operational environments. The feedback from the participants indicates that the training has developed positively in 2023. The reservists in the border troops have, without exception, shown strong motivation and competence in the most demanding circumstances.

The Finnish Border Guard arranges exercises for military national defence, either independently or jointly with the Defence Forces. Exercising together facilitates the efficient development of joint activities in different situations and operations, both in normal and exceptional circumstances. The development of international collaboration will be important in the future as well.

Training days

Year 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Reservists 6,775 4,838 5,140 8,923 13,218
Conscripts 110,757 110,049 101,508 102,374 109,494
Total 117,532 114,887 109,449 111,297 122,712