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Respond to the Border Museum’s survey and provide your opinion of its reforms

Publication date 13.4.2021 12.36
Press release

Respond to this brief survey of the Border Museum and provide your opinion of what interests you in the museum and how it could be improved. The Border Museum, which describes the history of the Finnish Border Guard in Imatra, is developing its operation intensely and you can influence the outcome.

The Border Museum, located in Immola Barracks, is in the process of reforming its exhibition and other museum activities. The permanent exhibition will be completely reformed in 2022, when the Border Museum moves to a renovated old headquarters building in the barracks area. In this questionnaire, we survey what you would like to see, do and experience in the new Border Museum. It also includes questions concerning other ideas for developing the Border Museum. Most questions include response options, but you can also submit longer comments to the museum. The Border Museum staff will take all answers into account in the development of the Border Museum. 

The Border Museum’s exhibition will be augmented by next summer with, e.g. sound effects and animated shows of the history of the Finnish Border Guard. Items in the display cases will be updated, and guests can also pose for a picture with the legendary Suomi submachine gun. Come and see and experience the museum!

Respond to the survey of the Border Museum (Webropol). You can respond until 09.05.2021.

Visit the Border Museum’s website at raja.fi/en/the-border-museum.

Raja – press release