Guidelines for border traffic during pandemic as of 1 February 2022

These instructions, based on a Government decision, are valid until 14 February 2022. It is especially important that you acquaint yourself with these instructions if you are travelling to Finland.

According to paragraph 9 of the Constitution of Finland, Finnish citizens must not be prevented from entering Finland, and everyone has the right to leave Finland. 

Based on your circumstances, choose the right section in the list below. The link takes you to the right section on the website.

  1. Entry into Finland from EU and Schengen countries (internal border traffic)
  2. Entry into Finland from other countries (external border traffic)
  3. Cruise ship traffic
  4. Interpretation guidelines for clarification (incl. special groups)

Please note that the Finnish Border Guard does not grant advance permits for entry to Finland. Decision to allow entry is always made during border checks.


1. Entry into Finland from EU and Schengen countries (internal border traffic)

What countries does this apply to?

The Schengen countries include Austria, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

In addition, this section applies to the following countries: Andorra, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Monaco, Romania, San Marino and the Vatican City State.  

What are the requirements for entry?

There are no entry restrictions when arriving from these countries. Please note that all persons arriving in Finland are still bound by the obligations stated in the Communicable Diseases Act.


2. Entry into Finland from other countries (external border traffic)

What countries and regions does this apply to?

This section applies to entry in Finland from all countries not previously listed above, such as Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Turkey.

What are the requirements for entry?

Person may be granted entry into Finland from any country if they present

  • a certificate of a complete and valid vaccination series (either one or two doses depending on the vaccine). At least 7 days must have passed since the last vaccine dose has been received OR
  • a single certificate that the person has recovered from covid-19 virus and has gotten one dose of vaccine. It is equated to a complete covid-19 vaccination series. OR
  • EU digital COVID certificateLink to an external websiteOpens in a new tab that proves the person has recovered from covid-19 within 6 months.
  • In addition to the aforementioned requirements, the person must present a negative covid-19 test result of less than 48 hours. The result of a PCR or an Antigen test is accepted. 
  • All the above-mentioned requirements apply to persons born in 2006 or earlier.

The requirements above do not apply to Finnish citizens or permanent residents of Finland returning to Finland (e.g. persons who have registered the right of residence in Finland  or with a residence permit granted by Finland). Neither does the requirement apply to those who enter the country for a purpose listed below. The essential reason for travelling is always evaluated case by case during border controls carried out by the Finnish Border Guard. 

Essential reason

  • work that is significant for the functioning of society or supply security, the implementation of which requires the work performance of a person or persons coming from another country and that the work cannot be delayed 
  • health care and rescue service personnel (including first aid) and elderly care professionals during assignments as well as authoritative personnel performing essential work tasks
  • transport and logistics personnel during assignments
  • diplomats, staff of international organisations, military personnel and humanitarian aid workers in the exercise of their duties
  • persons travelling with a residence permit in Finland
  • state representatives participating in international negotiations and persons engaged in the work of international NGOs
  • persons in need of international protection or who are travelling for other humanitarian purposes
  • pressing family matters or other pressing personal reasons
  • other necessary and justified purposes (such as representatives of the foreign media; transit of scheduled air services at airports; a property, a residence or a secondary residence in Finland; the arrival of a family member of a Finnish citizen living abroad).

If you enter the country for an essential purpose, minors travelling in the same travel party with you can enter the country. In this case, the Communicable Diseases Act and decisions made by the health authorities, such as compulsory health examinations, apply to minors.

Information on the coronavirus vaccines and tests

Please note that all persons arriving in Finland are still bound by the obligations stated in the Communicable Diseases Act. Make sure you read the guidelines of the Finnish institute for health and welfare on their web pages, regardless of which country or area you are travelling from: Travel and the coronavirus pandemic - Infectious diseases and vaccinations - THL.