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Passangers can make border controls smoother - EU digital corona certificate introduced

Publication date 2.7.2021 16.48
Press release

Passengers can significantly streamline border checks by reserving the necessary documents and certificates and filling in health information in advance before arriving at the border checkpoint. EU citizens are invited to download the EU digital corona certificate, which was introduced 1 July 2021.

As border traffic volumes increase, inspection activities may take more time at border crossing points controlled by the Lapland Border Guard at Sweden (Ylitornio, Pello, Kolari, Muonio, Karesuvanto) and Norway (Kilpisjärvi, Kivilompolo, Karigasniemi, Utsjoki, Nuorgam and Näätämö) borders. The actions taken by the passengers themselves before arriving at the border control have a significant positive impact on the flow of cross-border traffic.

General instructions from the Lapland Border Guard for passengers to streamline border checks when entering Finland:

  • planning the travel and before traveling
    • check whether your travel to Finland complies with the applicable regulations and travel restrictions. Generally, the travel conditions must be met for all members of the travel party.
    • check the opening hours of the border crossing point you intend to use. Generally, crossing the border is only permitted during opening hours.
  • before arriving at the border crossing point
    • fill in the information required for the health examination in the electronic system (Laplandentry) of the Lapland Hospital District (LSHP). The information must be filled in by all members of the travel party.
    • As an EU citizen, pre-load your EU digital corona certificate on your mobile phone. Please, print also the paper version for back up. Make sure everyone in your travel party has the certificate with them.
    • make sure your, and all the other's traveling with you, travel and other documents are ready for easy access.
  • at the border crossing point 
    • wait for your turn for the border check point. At this stage at the latest, if necessary, download the EU digital corona certificate and fill in the health check information in the electronic system.
    • follow the instructions and commands given by the border guards and the traffic control markings. Failure to comply may result in criminal penalties.

For more information on the EU Digital Corona Certificate:

General instructions for travelling cross the border on the website of the Finnish Border Guard: Covid19-info - The Finnish Border Guard (

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