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Internal border control reinstated for traffic between Finland and all Schengen countries as of 28 December – congestion expected at airports and harbours

Publication date 28.12.2021 13.41 | Published in English on 28.12.2021 at 14.16
Press release

The volume of passengers is rising and due to the instatement of internal border control congestion is expected at airports and harbours. Therefore, we ask passengers to prepare for congestion and long queues.

The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport has prepared for the reinstatement of internal border control: facilities have been modified and more personnel is reserved for guidance.

At the Port of Tallinn, the Finnish Border Guard gives guidance on the requirements of entry into Finland.

Please note that each of us can facilitate the border crossing by following the guidelines, by having travel documents at hand already before the border control and by remaining patient.

Find the requirements of entry and guidelines for border crossing on the website of the Finnish Border Guard: Guidelines for border traffic during pandemic

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