Finland allows entry from other Schengen States with the purpose of picking up a pleasure boat from winter storage

12.4.2021 19.32
Press release

For the time being, it is possible to enter Finland from another Schengen State with the purpose of picking up and taking abroad a pleasure boat kept in a storage facility in Finland over the winter.

Entry into Finland via a border crossing point during its opening hours with the aforementioned purpose is considered a necessary and justified reason that requires personal presence in accordance with category 1 of the restrictions imposed by the Government of Finland on cross border traffic due to the corona virus pandemic. Restriction category 1 applies e.g. to traffic from Sweden and Estonia.

Only immediate measures related to the transfer of a pleasure boat are permitted. Staying in Finland for example, for days in order to carry out maintenance of the boat, is not allowed. 

The fulfilment of entry conditions pertaining to an individual case is always verified in the border check at the border crossing point by border guard. The decision on the appropriateness of border crossing is made on a case-by-case basis by a competent border guard. Persons arriving in Finland must be prepared to substantiate the purpose of their entry with documents presented in the border check. In order to ensure a smooth border crossing, it is advised to carry documents proving the ownership of the boat or an assignment from the owner as well as details of the winter storage facility.

The procedure described above applies to passenger traffic from the other Schengen States with the purpose of picking up a pleasure boat from winter storage.

Public health authorities are responsible for implementing measures related to the protection of public health from the effects of the Covid-19. Some of these measures take place at the border. There may be regional differences with regard to the public health measures in place. Persons entering Finland are advised to find out beforehand about the necessary precautions to be taken in order to comply with the public health measures. 

Raja – press release