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European Border and Coast Guard standing corps to visit Finland in December

Publication date 1.12.2021 13.25 | Published in English on 1.12.2021 at 13.35
Press release

The Finnish Border Guard will receive border management teams formed from the EBCG standing corps to the Southeast Finland Border Guard District for the period of 1 December 2021 - 26 January 2022.

The Border Management Team will consist of EBCG border guards both from Frontex statutory staff and other member states, who will work in supervising land borders and border crossing points. The standing corps personnel will operate under orders from the Finnish Border Guard and in accordance with the operational plan approved by the Republic of Finland.

The purpose of the operation in Finland is to develop the capacity of the Border Guard to receive European support for maintaining border security and to lead Frontex joint operations in Finland. In addition, the objective of the operation is to assess the operational capacity of the standing corps border management teams in Finland's conditions. 

This hosting of the standing corps in Finland is part of the systematic and gradual development of the Border Guard’s capacities, and has been in preparation with Frontex since 2020. The operation was agreed on with Frontex in May 2021. The operation in Finland is part of a broader Frontex joint operation, Joint Operation Flexible Operational Activities Land 2021, which is simultaneously active in several Member States.

In 2019, the European Union decided to establish the European Border and Coast Guard standing corps to support external border control and return activities of the Member States. The standing corps began operations in 2021 and its strength will grow up to 10,000 by 2027. Frontex is in charge of coordinating the group. Finland participates in the standing corps annually by making border guards available to Frontex. 

The Finnish Border Guard will carry out a visit day for the media at the Southeast Finland Border Guard District on 16 December 2021. Invitations will be sent later.  


Headquarters of the Finnish Border Guard, International Affairs Unit, Senior Adviser Pietari Vuorensola (tel. +358 295 42 1136)

Southeast Finland Border Guard District, Lieutenant Colonel Jukka Lukkari (tel. +358 295 42 2002)

Media Day
Southeast Finland Border Guard, secretary communication Enni Matikainen (tel. +358 295 42 2061)

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