Changes to restrictions on entry into Finland

12.2.2021 15.14
Press release

As of 15 February 2021, the restrictions on entry to Finland from Iceland will be removed. The restrictions on entry will be restored to residents of Rwanda in traffic from Rwanda to Finland. In addition, the opening hours of border crossing points will be restricted.

From Monday 15 February, the opening hours of the land border crossing points between Finland and Norway and the land border crossing points between Finland and Sweden at Karesuvanto, Kolari, Muonio and Pello will be restricted.  

The opening hours of the border crossing points of Niirala, Nuijamaa and Vaalimaa will be restricted as of 19 February 2021 for passenger traffic. The restrictions on opening hours do not apply to freight traffic or persons who have a necessary and urgent need to cross the border outside the opening hours. By restricting the opening hours to day and evening times, health authorities can be present at border crossing points and reach all of those crossing the border.

Decisions related to opening hours are made by the Head of administration unit at the Border Guard after consulting regional and local health authorities and, if necessary, other authorities. 

Raja – press release