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Border crossing instructions for passengers and carriers during the European football championship games in St. Petersburg

Publication date 10.6.2021 15.33 | Published in English on 11.6.2021 at 12.54
Press release

On 3rd of June 2021, in order to ensure health safety, the Government made a decision on extending restrictions for border crossing traffic as of 7th of June 2021. The restrictions will be in force until 27th of June 2021.

In accordance with the Government decision, the Imatra border crossing point has been closed for passenger traffic and, by decision of the Head of the Border Guard administrative unit, the opening hours of the border crossing points in Vaalimaa and Nuijamaa have been restricted so that the above-mentioned border crossing points are not open for passenger traffic between 9.30 PM and 7.00 AM, except for essential and urgent passenger traffic. 

Deviating from the general opening hours mentioned above, the border crossing points of Vaalimaa and Nuijamaa are kept open for passenger traffic from June 16th 4.00 AM to June 17th 9.30 PM and from June 21st 7.00 AM to June 22nd 9.30 PM.

The Finnish Border Guard proposes that buses arriving from Uusimaa and Varsinais-Suomi provinces should use the Vaalimaa border crossing point for border crossing and buses arriving from other parts of Finland should use the Nuijamaa border crossing point (including for returning traffic), in which case traffic loads would be distributed as evenly as possible between border crossing points. Further, the Finnish Border Guard asks carriers operating with several vehicles to stagger timetables so that vehicles do not arrive for border inspection at the same time. Also, carriers are asked to submit in advance their plans for travel schedules (for both directions) to the border crossing point through which the planned journey is to be carried out. The above-mentioned measures will help to avoid congestion at border crossing points and ensure safe and smooth border checks while taking health safety into account.

If you need to contact us or require additional information related to border crossing, please refer to the border crossing points of Vaalimaa and Nuijamaa: 

Vaalimaa border inspection post: [email protected]
Nuijamaa border inspection post: [email protected]

Transit through Finland 

Non-Finnish citizens residing in other EU or Schengen countries travelling to the European football championship games to St. Petersburg must take into account that in case of leisure travel transit through Finland to the games or back to their own country of residence is not permitted for them except via air traffic.

Health check on entry to the country

The Finnish Border Guard reminds passengers to take into account and comply with the health authorities' instructions and recommendations. Passengers are kindly asked to obtain up-to-date instructions before their travel. The Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL)  is responsible for and provides instructions on health safety measures and instructions for passengers arriving in Finland, including quarantine requirements and testing for coronavirus: Travel and the coronavirus pandemic - Infectious diseases and vaccinations - THL

Passengers should be prepared to allow more time than normally for border control and health safety measures when arriving in the country.

Under section 16 of the Finnish Infectious Diseases Act, the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland (AVI) has ordered all persons arriving in Finland from high-risk countries through border crossing points within its jurisdiction to undergo a health check organised by social welfare and health districts (Eksote and Kymsote) immediately after arrival in order to prevent the spread of generally dangerous COVID-19 infectious disease. This order does not apply to children born in 2008 or thereafter, or to transport and logistics personnel while they are on duty. 

The mandatory health check includes providing personal and contact information in accordance with section 22 of the Finnish Infectious Diseases Act and a coronavirus test (1st test).

The coronavirus test is not mandatory  for persons: 

  • who can present a negative result of a coronavirus test taken not more than 72 hours before entry (PCR test); or 
  • who can present a reliable document attesting that the person has had COVID-19 infection (if the infection was less than six months ago);
  • who were born in 2008 or later.

In the interests of your own health safety, it is recommended that you log in to the Finentry Web service before you travel and book a time for coronavirus test to be taken 72 hours after arriving in Finland (2nd test). You can make an appointment in advance via this link:  Home - Finentry. A negative test result from the second test shortens the time of self-mandated quarantine (from 14 days to 3 days). During quarantine, all human contacts should be avoided.  
The social welfare and health care districts have requested executive assistance for document inspection operations from the South-East Finland Border Guard. Should there be any deficiencies or short-comings in the documents, the border inspectors refer the arriving person in question to the health advisory unit.

Possible contacts and additional information on health safety measures:

EKSOTE (Nuijamaa border crossing point):    
Virpi Aralinna + 358 44 791 5525 (primary contact)
Kristiina Kapulainen + 358 40 651 1791

KYMSOTE (Vaalimaa border crossing point):
Tuomas Haltsonen + 358 40 489 8585

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